Leveraging a patient’s own biology to deliver rare disease therapeutics

Quince Therapeutics, Inc. is a late-stage biotechnology company dedicated to
unlocking the power of a patient’s own biology to deliver innovative and
life-changing therapeutics to those living with rare diseases.

Quince Therapeutics Completes Acquisition of EryDel S.p.A. on October 23, 2023

Dirk Thye, M.D., Quince’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “The successful closing of the EryDel acquisition is an exciting step forward in fulfilling our vision to build a leading rare disease biotechnology company. We are dedicated to developing treatments utilizing our proprietary AIDE technology platform that hold the potential to help children and families affected by rare and debilitating diseases such as A-T. Quince’s priority is to advance the Phase 3 clinical trial of EryDex to evaluate its safety and efficacy for the treatment of A-T, then expand our development efforts into other potential indications that leverage our proprietary AIDE technology platform.”

Learn more about Quince’s acquisition of EryDel here.

Quince’s Phase 3 lead asset, EryDex, targets the treatment of a rare neurodegenerative disease, Ataxia-Telangiectasia (A-T), for which there are currently no approved treatments globally.

EryDex utilizes a highly differentiated technology platform for autologous intracellular drug encapsulation (AIDE). Our proprietary AIDE technology is designed to optimize the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of dexamethasone sodium phosphate (DSP) by using an A-T patient’s own red blood cells to deliver the sustained therapy over a once monthly treatment period. It is also designed to allow for the chronic administration of the therapeutic.

AIDE Technology PlatformEryDex Phase 3 NEAT Clinical Trial

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