Thomas Sabia, M.B.A.

Chief Commercial Officer

Thomas Sabia has served as Quince’s Chief Commercial Officer since October 2023. Previously, he was Chief Commercial Officer of EryDel S.p.A since February 2022 prior to its acquisition by Quince  in October 2023. To this role, he brings more than 20 years of drug commercialization and development experience across large, midsize, and small biotech organizations.

Previously, Mr. Sabia was the Commercial Lead for Spark Therapeutics’ (a Roche Company) Liver Directed Gene Therapy Portfolio where he led commercialization of assets from preclinical through launch. Prior to Spark, he spent three years at Sobi as Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Operations for Europe, Middle East, and North Africa where he was responsible for the successful commercialization the organizational buildout of two innovative rare disease products – Elocata, for Hemophilia A and Alprolix for Hemophilia B. Prior to that, Mr. Sabia held marketing, sales, and operations leadership positions at CSL Behring and Sanofi Pharmaceuticals where, collectively, he was responsible for the commercialization of seven specialty and rare disease products including Vivaglobin, the first subcutaneous immune globulin for Primary Immune Deficiency, Helixate and Humate which are clotting factors for Hemophilia A and Von Willebrand’s Disease, respectively.

Mr. Sabia holds a M.B.A. and B.A. in Marketing from Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business.

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