Mauro Magnani, Ph.D.

University of Urbino, Italy

Mauro Magnani, Ph.D., Chair of Quince’s Scientific Advisory Board, is a Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Urbino, Italy and is a co-founder of Quince’s proprietary Autologous Intracellular Drug Encapsulation (AIDE) technology platform. Dr. Magnani developed and patented a method for using autologous red blood cells that allow for the slow delivery of different drugs in circulation to treat patients in need. His areas of interest and current research include red blood cells as drug delivery systems and as circulating bioreactors, development and delivery of biologics, and nanomaterials in drug delivery and imaging. Dr. Magnani has authored more than 500 papers published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, holds 16 patents, and has co-edited three books, in addition to serving as an editorial board member for several biomedical journals and referee for different international scientific institutions. He is a member of the National Committee for Biotechnology, Presidency of the Italian Government, and an Italian delegate at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and at the European Commission. Dr. Magnani received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Urbino, Italy.

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